On Tuesday, August 29, 1899, eighteen representatives from nine of the thirteen original Eastern Star Chapters in Georgia met in Savannah for the purpose of organizing themselves into a Grand Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star for the State of Georgia.

It was a dreary day, raining continuously throughout the day, but this did not dampen the spirits of those noble Pioneers who has seen the Star in the East and had come to set in motion an organization that would perpetuate its existence in Georgia.

Leaders at this momentous occasion were the Honorable Brother W. E. Terry, Most Worshipful Grand Master and the Honorable Sol C. Johnson, Right Worshipful Grand Secretary of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Union Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Georgia.

Officers elected to serve for this first Grand Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star for the State of Georgia and Jurisdiction were: Brother W. E. Terry, Worthy Grand Patron; Sister Mary L. Sellers (Ayers), Grand Associate Matron; Sister Annie L. Babcock, Grand Conductress; Brother L. F. Burgess, Grand Lecturer.

The thirteen original Chapters were:
The following Brothers and Sisters have served as Worthy Grand Patron and Worthy Grand Matron respectively:
Electa No. 1, Savannah, 100 members
Martha No. 2, Ashburn, 14 members
Adah No. 3, Baxley, 21 members
Lydia No. 4, Darien, 15 members
Rachel No. 5, Darien, 23 members
Bethany No. 6, Hasty, 17 members
Mary No. 7, Willacoochee, 26 members
Shiloh No. 8, Sandersville, 22 members
Rebecca No. 9, Evergreen, 40 members
Sarah No. 10, Valdosta, 18 members
White Star No. 11, Tifton, 23 members
Kings Daughters No. 12 Hazlehurst, 34 members
Queen of Sheba No. 13, Cordele, 17 members
Sis. D. Edwards, WGM, 1899-1902
Sis. Viola Hart Felton, WGM, 1902-1933
Sis. Mary H. Jones, WGM, 1935-1940
Sis. Ruth V. Cobb, WGM, 1941-1945
Sis. Minnie DeVaughn, WGM 1946
Sis. Mary L. Ayers, WGM, 1947-1952
Sis. P. B. Eichelberger, WGM, 1953-1954
Sis Marie B. Cooper, WGM, 1955-1963
Sis. Lillian E. Blake, WGM, 1964-1977
Sis. Florence M. Hogan, WGM, 1977-1992
Sis. Ruby C. Clayton, WGM, 1992-1997
Sis. Belle S. Clark, WGM, 1997-2002
Sis. Vashti G. Pullen, WGM, 2002-2007
Sis. Marilyn Moore, WGM, 2007-2012
Sis. Lynnette Hymes, WGM, 2012-2017
Bro. W. E. Terry, WGP, 1899-1900
Bro. Sol C. Johnson, WGP, 1901-1951
Bro. George W. Smith, WGP, 1952-1961
Bro. Robert J. Walters, WGP, 1961-1970
Bro. Earnest McIntyre, WGP, 1971-1994
Bro. Willie V. Coleman, WGP, 1994-1998
Bro. Felton L. Hudson, WGP, 1998-2005
Bro. Aaron Kent, WGP, 2005-2008

Bro. Marvin Knight, WGP, 2008-2013

Bro. Sam McDonald 2013-2017

During its 109 years of service to humanity, the Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star for Georgia and Jurisdiction through its members has taken an active part in every worthwhile endeavor that tended to elevate mankind to higher heights. We shall continue to practice the lessons taught by the Five Heroines of Our Order and shall continue to follow the Star of Bethlehem through the Mazy Labyrinth of Human Life to the Celestial City promised by the Master.

From 1899-1953 the name of our body was Grand Chapter of Georgia.

From 1958, the name has been Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star, Jurisdiction of Georgia.

In its one hundred three years of existence the Grand Chapter of Georgia has met every year except in 1945 during World War II. It has grown to more than 500 Capters in the twenty-first century.

Our past has been a long glorious one and our future promises to be even brighter.

Prayer of “Jabez”
Oh’ that you would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my coast,
and that thine hand might be with me
and that thou would keep me from evil,
that it may not grieve me!
And God granted him that which he requested
1 Chronicles 4:10