41st Annual Grand Youth Session at Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia 2017

District Deputy Ednoris Palmer and Brunswick District no. 7 deftly accepted the honor of hosting this blessed event that highlights the best children we know….our very own. The event was held at Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia. Security was provided by sister Annette Snead and the good brothers of Brunswick District. Grand Youth Officers, members, coordinators, District officers and Grand Officers of the OES and Grand Lodge were all on hand to support and enjoy. Awards and tokens of appreciation were handed out to many. A special honor was bestowed upon Hospice of Golden Isles for their service to the community. The children worked hard on their presentations and it showed. Awards were presented to those who persevered to read and understand as many books as possible during the allotted school year at levels from elementary to High School.

This was a bittersweet session being that it marked the first session after the passing of sister Mary Anderson James during the Thanksgiving holiday last year. She served as the Grand Youth Directress until she transitioned. Under the direction of sister Sherri Davis, everyone got up on their feet and gave a stirring tribute to sister James that was so upbeat, that no one remained in their seat. No time for mourning, this was a true celebration of her life and the love everyone had for sister James. The Grand Youth started it off and everyone else fell in line as they brought roses to the stage and placed them on the table and in a very special vase. Grand Associate Matron, sister Deaidra Parks Wilson put on an Academy award winning performance as she helped put on a skit of a memorable card game sister James was involved in. sister Wilson played the role of Mary and three of the original members sitting at the table that night were there. It was classic.

It was also bittersweet in knowing this would be our wonderful Grand Matron, sister Lynette S. Hymes’ last Grand Youth session as Grand Matron. She expressed how much she was dedicated to the children and how she loved them all. She went on to say that these sessions were dear to her heart. Many gifts were exchanged, we got some beautiful violin playing as well as singing and dancing that all contributed to the feeling of love within the room. An endearing moment arose when it was announced that young Mr. Jacobi Miller wanted to see the criteria used to judge the Oratorical contest since he didn’t come in first. This earned him quite a few new friends. More to follow as this post is updated